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My name is Jan and I live near Cardiff with my husband, dog and my 3 gorgeous Birman cats. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am mad about cats. I gave up breeding thema couple of years ago and can't wait to start again. In the meantime, crafting has become my new obsession.

I have been card making for about 6 years now but it is only recently that I have discovered a real love of stamping and hope to share that with you in the future.


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My name is Jan and I live in Cardiff with my husband, dog and 4 cats. I love creating with mixed media and making jewellery.

Friday, 18 November 2011


Hello....am obviously speaking to myself as this is my first ever blog and I haven't told anyone about it yet hehehehe.

Hopefully I will get some followers in the next few weeks as would love to share my cards and ideas with follow stamping lovers.

I am a bit anxious today as my dog is at the vet having an operation as I write so am going to sign off this and do some crafting to take my mind off worrying. Happy crafting


  1. Congratulations and welcome to blog land ...have lots of fun. Warm wishes for a successful op on your doggie ! Luv Eileen xxx

  2. welcome you will love it when you been doing it for a bit the 1st bit is the hard one good luck sarahxx

  3. hi welcome to the land of blog lol you love it when you get used to it

  4. Great card hun glad you have joind all us bloggers now a follower xx nicky xx

  5. Welcome to blogland have become a follower.. Chris xx